WE NEED YOU! SBH is committed to promoting recovery from the effects of substance use and mental health disorders and other behavioral health issues. But we can’t do it alone. Each year we help recover the lives of thousands of people living in the Central New York area. Yet for every person we help, someone else goes untreated. That’s why we’re committed to raising awareness about all the programs and services SBH has to offer. In this mission, ambassadors are crucial. Ambassadors share our mutual passion to promote recovery with the greater community. The most effective way to do this is to invite EVERYONE you know to a Recovery Works. And by everyone, we mean everyone – friends, families, co-workers, church groups, book club members, work out buddies, even people you meet on the street. Each person who attends a Recovery Works and learns more about what we do here at SBH becomes a potential lifeline to someone in need of substance use and mental health services. In this way, YOU can help us recover lives. SIGN ME UP! The first step in becoming an ambassador is to attend a Recovery Works. For more information about our Ambassador Program contact Ashley Forshee at 315-474-5506 ext. 221 or email Ashleyf@sbh.org.

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    The SBH Foundation is dedicated to raising funds to allow Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare to fulfill its mission of supporting recovery from substance use and mental health disorders. Gifts help fund adult programs and services, maternal/child programs, adult recovery homes and capital needs.
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    Ashley Forshee, Director of Development
    315-474-5506 ext. 221